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Bobby Few

Bobby Few

Bobby Few was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in a family of musicians: his father always listened to jazz, his mother played violin and his uncle the trumpet.


He came from a very religious family (his grand father was a Baptist minister) which, without a shadow of a doubt, nourished his music spiritually.

Bobby Few was only 7 when he studied piano and later musical theory and composition at the Cleveland Institute of Music. He had two private teachers of splendid reputation.

At 16, he started playing in jazz clubs in Cleveland, his hometown.

One evening, he met Ella Fitzgerald who was so touched by his tender age that she encouraged him to pursue his path.


Soon after, Bobby Few created his own trio and played throughout the USA.


In the early 60’s, urged by Albert Ayler, Bobby Few went to New York. There, he made a first record with Booker Ervin “The In Between” (BLUE NOTE) then a second one with Albert Ayler intitled “Music Is The Healing Force of the Universe” (IMPULSE), both recently reedited.

He also played with Brook Benton, a rhythm and blues singer, with whom he toured the world. Later, Bobby Few became Benton’s musical director. Moreover, he played in the 60’s at the Playboy club where they had a marvellous experience.

Then, concert after concert, Bobby Few worked with many prestigious artists such as Archie Shepp, Kenny Clarke, Frank Wright, Joe Henderson, Woody Shaw, Sunny Murray, Roland Kirk, Nat Adderley, Frank Foster, David Murray, Bill Dixon, Albert Ayler or Steve Lacy with whom he toured the world from 1980 until 1992.

During his rich and fruitful career, Bobby Few also took part in more than 70 recordings: the latest untitled “Kindred Spirits”, produced by Box Holder Records (New York), will be released in April 2005.

Bobby Few has lived in Paris since 1969, a town where he found his artistic and intellectual equilibrium. Since 1993, he has directed his own trio and quintet.

His musical influences are deeply rooted in jazz with musicians such as Erroll Garner, Thelonious Monk, McCoy Tyner or Cecil Taylor… However classical music has also played an influential role. Few says: “Classical music is one of the avenues leading to jazz because it gives a direction in the harmonic progressions of jazz.”bobbyfew

Thus, Bobby Few’s music is therefore the fruit of his numerous musical experiences. He is motivated by eclecticism, new sounds and new musical colours. He has succeeded in making us understand that music is universal. Thanks to his music, he sends us a message of peace, altruism and spirituality: he unites all peoples, whatever their colour, culture or origin.

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