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Gammes pour Recado Bossa Nova

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Recado Bossa Nova Gammes (pdf)

Grilles d’Accords (Chords Tables )

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Quelques grilles concernant nos principaux morceaux. (Chords tables for:)

ou directement dans la librairie.

Recado Bossa 1959 Print by Caterina Valente

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Trouvée sur eBay par notre ami Tofie,  voici la partition de Recado Bossa Nova, chantée par Caterina Valente, et publiée en 1959.

score, lead sheet, music sheet recado bossa nova

Recado Bossa NovaRecado Bosa Nova

Recado by Djalma himself

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This is Djalma Ferreira, Com Orgao e Orquestra – Baile de Formatura (no date), for Discos Drink, featuring the organ of Djalma Ferreira, his orchestra and the always above the average arrangements of Maestro Nelsinho. Baile de Formatura is how we call the graduate balls, which is the album theme. Reading the back cover, I could also learn that Djalma Ferreira is the owner of Discos Drink and probably Drink nightclub. Tracks include Recado ! This is one of the very first recording of Recado, but no date on the album. (fm Loronix)

Listen Recado Here

Baile de Formatura

Recado Bossa Nova lyrics…

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Djalma Ferreira

No Strings have perls in a velvet glove
The thing I long for is the gift of love
No ring of gold but a dream to unfold
When all the stars have flown and we’re alone

The gift of love is a precious thing
A touch of magic on a day in spring
The golden dream every dreamer pursures
remember darling never refuse the gift of love

For love can be a melody that lingers
Or slip like April wine right through your fingers,
So kiss me sweet till our secret star
Illuminates the way to Shangrila
Whatever fate may be fall all I know
is the gift of love is the greatest gift of all.

Grab the lyrics here

recado bossa paroles

Dippin’s – Hank Mobley

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Hank Mobley – Album: Dippin’
Recording Date: Jun 18, 1965
Label: Blue Note


  1. The Dip 7:57dippin
  2. Recado Bossa Nova 8:11
  3. The Break Through 5:52
  4. The Vamp 8:21
  5. I See Your Face Before Me 5:29
  6. Ballin’ 6:51

Personel: Hank Mobley (tenor saxophone); Lee Morgan (trumpet); Harold Mabern (piano); Larry Ridley (bass); Billy Higgins (drums).

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on June 18, 1965. Includes liner notes by Ira Gitler. Liner Note Author: Bob Blumenthal. Recording information: Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey (1965).

Review cduniverse:
With DIPPIN’, Hank Mobley is clearly entrenched in his “hard” period, as his more muscular, yet still round, tone and his penchant for funky grooves dominate the session. As on many other Mobley sides, Lee Morgan and Billy Higgins return to lend their respective touches, which once started the flame burning with Morgan’s “The Sidewinder.” Pianist Harold Mabern and bassist Larry Ridley round out the group. It is Mobley, however, who blows strongest here, strengthened by a long string of powerful dates like this one.

Like most post-“Sidewinder” Blue Note dates, DIPPIN’ kicks off with a near-rip-off of the popular Morgan hit from 1963. Here, “The Dip” satisfies the requisite funkiness with a spirited quasi-Latin beat from Higgins and a Horace Silver-esque melody. The following “Recado Bossa Nova,” one of the session’s most memorable cuts, captures the Brazilian style that caused such a stir with equal amounts of taste and bluesy grunge. Later, the date’s only ballad, the classic “I See Your Face Before Me,” offers a respite with one of Mobley’s smokiest performances on record. Finally, the closer “Ballin'” is a joyous waltz that ends the session on a swinging blast.

Review Thom Jurek, AMG:
Dippin’ is one of Hank Mobley’s finer moments, even considering that his entire Blue Note catalog is masterful, particularly his 1960s dates that reveal the depth and dimension of his understanding of harmonic invention — all in the name of groove and swing, of course. This date, recorded on a single day in June of 1965, netted four Mobley originals as well as two covers. The band included trumpeter Lee Morgan, pianist Harold Mabern, bassist Larry Ridley, and drummer Billy Higgins. The two-horn front line always served Mobley well. Here, with Morgan, the groove commences from the first notes of the title cut that opens the set. The short bluesy lines burst from the horns, and are turned inside out with elegant yet knotty lines that move the tune almost into pop territory but never venture far from the blues. The sprightly “Recado Bossa Nova,” written by Djalma Ferreira, moves the band outside its comfort zone rhythmically, but Mobley’s horn chart is brilliant. Higgins and Ridley keep the bossa groove natural and steaming as the soloists begin taking the tune apart and putting it back together. There is one ballad on the set, “I See Your Face Before Me” composed by Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz. On it, Mobley does his best Ben Webster, blowing low and smoky and sweet, but the truth is that it doesn’t belong on a program with so many hard bop swingers. The rest of the session is a pure joy and a fine document of Mobley’s abilities as a bandleader and composer. The 2006 Rudy Van Gelder Edition on CD features spectacular sound, but contains no bonus material.

Recado Bossa Nova solo

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De l’album Dippin’ le solo de saxophone ténor de Hank Mobley:

Solo Recado (Hank Mobley)

Autre solo, celui de Lee Morgan

Solo Recado (Lee Morgan)

Recado Bossa Nova Chords

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recadorecado bossa nova score accord

Rythmes Bossa Nova

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3 variations de base concernant  la Bossa Nova:

Bossa Nova rythme1

BossaNova2BossaNova3Vous trouverez d’autres rythmes et les fichiers midi sur le site du groupe Batida

Fichers midi:   Bossa1 Bossa2 Bossa3

Recado Bossa Nova – Hank Mobley

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Hank Mobley (tenor sax), Lee Morgan (trumpet), Harold Mabern Jr (piano), Larry Ridley (bass), Billy Higgins (drums).
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. June 18, 1965.
(from: "Dippin" Blue Note 4209)
Hank Mobley and Lee Morgan appeared to be inseparable. They first teamed up, in November 1956, for the spirited young trumpeter’s Savoy label debut. Morgan was 18, a veteran of Dizzy Gillespie’s Big Band and a firebrand performer. Mobley, seven years his senior, distinguished himself blowing in a highly personalized manner that frequently ran counter to the Hard Bop stampede of the time. Nonetheless, Mobley’s stance never excluded him form the best games in town, being sufficiently adaptable to score frontline employment with top draw bands of Art Blakey, Max Roach, Horace Silver and Miles Davis. Three weeks after the Savoy set, Morgan repaid Mobley in kind, sharing trumpet duties with the ubiquitous Donald Byrd on a Blue Note date, ‘Sextet’ (1540).
And, that’s the way their comradeship continued. In all, Morgan guested on seven of Hank Mobleys Blue Note outings, whilst the tenorist is to be hear on three Lee-led efforts for Alfred Lion. A founder Jazz Messenger, Mobley returned to HQ, in the spring of 59, to briefly partner Morgan for the period between Benny Golson’s departure and Wayne Shorter’s arrival. And, is on the two volums of At The Jazz Corner Of The Word’ (4015/16) direct from Birdland’s bandstand, that foreveer remains testament to their Blakey-driven process.

Recado bossa nova, hank mobley, jazz messenger, art blakey, lee morgan