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Original Epiphone catalogs

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Epiphone catalog 1961

 I was really pleased to find originals of the Epiphone catalogs, firstly, the 1961 edition: epiphone61_catalog

Epiphone Casino production data

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Quantities produced


Pickups Nbr for Epiphone Casino

Production Data for the Epiphone Casino


Shipping figures for 1960s Epiphone Casinos The earliest Epiphone catalogue to feature the Casino (1961) lists just the single (E230T) and double (E230TD) pickup models – with vibrola as standard. These shipping figures suggest that non-vibrola models were shipped later in the same year. Early finishes were Royal Tan andShaded (sunburst), and figures do not differentiate between the two. From 1967Cherry became available (C), and Royal Tan was given the designation RT. From ’67 models with no colour code were Shaded


The Epiphone range of the 1960s closely followed the Gibson guitars of the same time; they were both made in the same fatory in Kalamazoo. The Casino corresponds to the Gibson ES330 having the same dimensions and construction, but with different headstock shape and (sometimes) tailpiece. The 1961 models came equipped with the Tremotone vibrato, which was optional by 1962. The Frequensator tailpiece was used on a number of models – the point being that it would lengthen either the three thickest or three thinest strings, maximising treble and bass response.

1964 advertisement for the Epiphone Casino, Sorrento, Sheraton and Rivoli bassThe most famous Casino users were Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, and John Lennon and George Harrison of the Beatles, who were given a pair of Casinos in 1965. Both had a sunburst finish, Georges had a Bigsby vibrato, whilst John’s had a stop tailpiece. It was Lennons of course that had the most use; he was widely pictured with it, and used it extensively live and in the studio. He also had it stripped down in 1968. Epiphone make two John Lennon signature Epiphone Casinos – one based on the unstripped 1965 model, and one, the ‘Revolution’ Casino based on the stripped instrument. Epiphone engineers studied the original guitar to get these signature instruments as exact as possible