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Well you Needn’t (lyrics)

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Well you Needn’t – Cannonball Adderley (lyrics: Thelonious Monk)


You’re talkin’ so sweet well you needn’t
You say you won’t cheat well you needn’t
You’re tappin’ your feet well you needn’t
It’s over now, it’s over now
You’re dressin’ with class well you needn’t
You’re holdin’ your sass well you needn’t
You think you’re a gas well you needn’t
It’s over now, it’s over now
It’s over now, it’s over now
You’ve had your fun, so take a bow
You oughta know, you lost the glow, the beat is slow, the shadows grow,
the lights are low, it’s time to go, let’s close the show down
(Oh) You’re taking off weight well you needn’t
You’re looking just great well you needn’t
You’re settin’ the bait well you needn’t
It’s over now, it’s over now
You play enough game, well you needn’t
It’s more of the same, well you needn’t
You’re coming off lame, ell you needn’t
It’s over now, it’s over now
You’re bending my ear Well you needn’t
You’re calling me dear Well you needn’t
You’re acting sincere Well you needn’t
It’s over now, it’s over now
It’s over now, it’s over now
Don’t wanna see Don’t need a row
You had you’re day Your matinee
You had to stray You know they say
You gonna play You gotta face
So find a way out
You say that you try Well you needn’t
You say you won’t lie Well you needn’t
You’re starting to cry Well you needn’t
It’s over now It’s over now
(repeat all then…)
It’s over now,
it’s over now
It’s over now,
it’s over now
It’s over now, it’s over!

Grilles d’Accords (Chords Tables )

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Quelques grilles concernant nos principaux morceaux. (Chords tables for:)

ou directement dans la librairie.

Well You Need’nt (Jimmy Smith)

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Well You Need’nt avec Jimmy Smith au Piano et Kenny Burrell à la guitare

venant de l’album Second Coming de Jimmy Smith.Well You neednt

Grilles d’accords

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Chitlins con carne

Chitlins con carne

Good Bye Pork Pie Hat

Good Bye Pork Pie Hat

Well You Needn't

Well You Needn't (AABA)

The Jody Grind

The Jody Grind

Chord summary sheet, scores,  Jody grind chords, well you needn’t chords,chitlins con carne chords, Good bye pork pie hat chords score, accords, grilles

Thelonious Monk Blue Note Sessions (Well you Needn’t)

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Jazz pianist Thelonious Monk’s first sessions as a bandleader were recorded between 1947 and 1952, and released on Blue Note records as a series of 78 RPM singles. These singles were then compiled in later years–with additional performances from the sessions–into long-playing album formats. As Monk’s reputation and fame grew, the sessions were recompiled again and again into more complete configurations. This article details various releases of these sessions.


Thelonious Monk, foreground, performing at Expo 67in Montreal. (Credit: Library and Archives Canada)

The Sessions

The Blue Note recordings were made over the course of six different sessions. “Versions” refers only to the number of eventually-released performances; other takes may have been recorded.

All compositions by Thelonious Monk unless otherwise noted.

Session 1: October 15, 1947

1. Humph
2. Evonce (Idrees Sulieman – Ike Quebec) [2 versions]
3. Suburban Eyes (Ike Quebec) [2 versions]
4. Thelonious

Session 2: October 24, 1947

5. Nice Work If You Can Get It (G. Gershwin, I. Gershwin) [2 versions]
6. Ruby My Dear [2 versions]
7. Well You Needn’t [2 versions]
8. April In Paris (Vernon Duke – E. Y. Harburg) [2 versions]
9. Off Minor
10. Introspection

Session 3: November 21, 1947

11. In Walked Bud
12. Monk’s Mood
13. Who Knows? [2 versions]
14. ‘Round Midnight

Session 4: July 2, 1948

15. Evidence
16. Misterioso [2 versions]
17. Epistrophy (T. Monk – Kenny Clarke)
18. I Mean You
19. All The Things You Are (Jerome Kern – Oscar Hammerstein)
20. I Should Care (Cahn – Stordahl – Weston)[2 versions]

Session 5: July 23, 1951

21. Four in One [2 versions]
22. Criss Cross [2 versions]
23. Eronel (Monk – Sulieman – Hakim)
24. Straight, No Chaser
25. Ask Me Now [2 versions]
26. Willow Weep For Me (Ann Ronnell)

Session 6: May 30, 1952

27. Skippy [2 versions]
28. Hornin’ In [2 versions]
29. Sixteen [2 versions]
30. Carolina Moon (B. Davis – J. Burke)
31. Let’s Cool One
32. I’ll Follow You (R. Turk – F. Ahlert)


  • Thelonious Monk – piano
  • Art Blakey – drums (sessions 1, 2, 3, 5)
  • Shadow Wilson – drums (session 4)
  • Max Roach – drums (session 6)
  • Gene Ramey – bass (session 1, 2)
  • Bob Paige – bass (session 3)
  • John Simmons – bass (session 4)
  • Al McKibbon – bass (session 5)
  • Nelson Boyd – bass (session 6)
  • Milt Jackson – vibraphone (4, 5)
  • Idrees Sulieman – trumpet (session 1)
  • George Taitt – trumpet (session 3)
  • Kenny Dorham – trumpet (session 6)
  • Danny Quebec West – alto saxophone (session 1)
  • Sahib Shihab – alto saxophone (sessions 3, 5)
  • Lou Donaldson – alto saxophone (session 6)
  • Billy Smith – tenor saxophone (session 1)
  • Lucky Thompson – tenor saxophone (session 6)
  • Kenny “Pancho” Hagood – vocal (session 4, songs 19 & 20)


Blue Note 78 rpm series (12 inch 78 rpm)

BN 543 Well, You Needn’t (BN314-0)/ ‘Round About Midnight (BN321-1) 


Well You neednt – Cesar Swing

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Une remarquable interprétation de Cesar Swing, le 7 avril 2006, not quite ready to play so fast….

Well You neednt Cesar Swing (take 1)

Well You neednt – Cesar Swing (take 2)

Well you neednt – guitar solo

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on a Peerless Cremona Jazz Guitar

Well you neednt -Winton Marsalis

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Well you Needn’t chords

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de bons accords de David Potaux-Rasel

Well you neednt – david potaux-razel