Fender Amps – Pro Reverb AA165 layout & serial number

In Gears on November 10, 2008 at 9:48 pm

Pro Reverb AA165 (blackface) serial number by year
A00100 to A02700 – 1965
A02700 to A09200 – 1966
A07000 to A10200 – 1967

Pro Reverb AA1265, AB668, AA1069, AA270 (silverface)
A10000 to A10500 – 1967
A10500 to A12000 – 1968
A12000 to A13300 – 1969
A13400 to A14500 – 1970
A14500 to A15000 – 1971
A15000 to A15600 – 1972
A15600 to A17200 – 1973
A17200 to A19700 – 1974
A19700 to A20000 – 1975
A20000 to A21500 – 1976

from Greg Galiano

More serial numbers and productions data at 20th Century Guitar Mag

(or here:  Dating Fender Amps )

If you need to change your Tubes…You’ can find all Tube Amps Overhaul Kits at Torres Engineering

Blackface schematics:


  1. Hello Mr. Galiano. I have a fender pro reverb amp, production #1, AA165, OE in pretty good condition. I bought it back in 1965 altho I always thought it was 1964. Anyway, what is the best site to go to and find out the value of this amp as I would like to sell it. Your comment is appreciated. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Patrick G. Smith

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