Canyon Lady (Joe Henderson)

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Speaking of charisma, Henderson brings a ton of it to 1973’s Canyon Lady. Many of the small, narrow minds who comprise the jazz media would have us believe that Henderson’s electric Milestone output of the 1970s was a waste, but in fact, the tenorist was a wealthy of creativity during that decade-and Canyon Lady is a fine example. Henderson brings Latin overtones to the haunting title song and his own “Las Palmas,” and his passionate playing on the ballad “Tres Palabras” has a rather Gato Barbieri-ish quality. Canyon Lady isn’t outright Latin jazz a la Cal Tjader or Tito Puente, but the Latin element is definitely there.

  • Audio CD (August 19, 1997)
  • Original Release Date: October 1973
  • Label: Ojc
  • ASIN: B000000Z3Y


  • Tres Palabras (10:09)
  • Las Palmas (9:56)
  • Canyon Lady (9:06)
  • All Things Considered (8:37)



  • Hadley Caliman – Flute, Sax (Tenor) 
  • George Duke – Bass, Percussion, Piano, Drums, Piano (Electric) 
  • Joe Henderson – Sax (Tenor), Remixing 
  • Mark Levine – Piano 
  • Julian Priester – Trombone 
  • Luis Gasca – Bass, Percussion, Piano, Trumpet, Arranger, Conductor, Drums, Flugelhorn 
  • John Heard – Bass 
  • Ray Pizzi – Flute 
  • Francisco Aguabella – Conga 
  • Oscar Brashear – Trumpet 
  • Nicholas Ten Broeck – Trombone 
  • Vince Denham – Flute 
  • Carmelo Garcia – Timbales 
  • Eric Gravatt – Drums 
  • John Heart – Bass 
  • John Hunt – Trumpet 
  • Victor Pantoja – Conga 
  • Jim Stern – Engineer

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