The Jody Grind

In Album, The Jody Grind on March 20, 2009 at 5:10 pm

The Jody Grind  is a 1966 album by the Horace Silver Quintet, led by jazz pianist Horace Silver.the_jody_grind_cover

Jazz Giant Marton Esquie once spoke concerning this album.”I really love many aspects in the Experimental Constructionist’ view of this album and its entire contents.”

Track listing 

  1.  “The Jody Grind” – 5:53
  2.  “Mary Lou” – 7:12
  3.  “Mexican Hip Dance” – 5:56
  4. “Blue Silver” – 6:00
  5.  “Grease Piece” – 7:34
  6.  “Dimples” – 7:18


    Label:  Blue Note

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