Recado by Djalma himself

In Recado Bossa Nova on October 13, 2009 at 10:25 am

This is Djalma Ferreira, Com Orgao e Orquestra – Baile de Formatura (no date), for Discos Drink, featuring the organ of Djalma Ferreira, his orchestra and the always above the average arrangements of Maestro Nelsinho. Baile de Formatura is how we call the graduate balls, which is the album theme. Reading the back cover, I could also learn that Djalma Ferreira is the owner of Discos Drink and probably Drink nightclub. Tracks include Recado ! This is one of the very first recording of Recado, but no date on the album. (fm Loronix)

Listen Recado Here

Baile de Formatura

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