Chicago Song (A Change of Heart) David Sanborn

In Chicago Song on February 18, 2012 at 3:59 pm

A Change of Heart (1987) Warner Bros

By the mid 1980s saxophonist David Sanborn’s sound was dominated by the synthetic tinge of keyboards and synthesizers, falling in line with the slick, crossover jazz style of the era. 1987’s Change of Heart is emblematic of Sanborn’s direction at the time, and its eight tracks alternate between funky, danceable numbers and smooth ballads, all with a highly polished commercial veneer. Sanborn seldom gets adventurous; but that’s not what his listeners expect. Rather, Change of Heart shows off the saxophonist’s bright, groovy sound and plenty of his patented high-register playing.

Engineers include: Michael Hutchinson, Eric Calvi, Keith Seppanen.

Personnel includes: David Sanborn (alto saxophone); Mac Rebennack (piano); Don Grolnick (electric piano); Philippe Saisse (keyboards, synthesizers, programming); Michael Colina, Ronnie Foster (synthesizers, programming); John Mahoney (Synclavier); Michael Brecker (EWI); Carlos Rios (acoustic & electric guitars); Marcus Miller (guitar, keyboards, bass); Hugh McCracken, Nicky Moroch, Hiram Bullock (guitar); Anthony Jackson (bass); Steve Ferrone, Micky Curry, John Robinson, Steve Gadd (drums); Mino Cinelu (percussion, electronic drums); Paulinho Da Costa (percussion); Jason Miles (synthesizer programming).

Producers: Marcus Miller, Ronnie Foster, Philippe Saisse, Micheal Colina.


  1. Chicago Song (6:26)
  2. Imogene (5:26)
  3. High Roller (4:39)
  4. Tintin (4:05)
  5. Breaking Point (4:26)
  6. A Change of Heart (5:07)
  7. Summer (5:45)
  8. The Dream (4:58)

01 – Chicago Song (Marcus Miller)

  • David Sanborn: Saxophone Alto
  • Jason Miles: Programmation (Synthétiseurs)
  • Bernard Wright: Synthétiseurs additionnels
  • Marcus Miller: Claviers, Basse, Guitare rythmique
  • Hiram Bullock: Guitare
  • Steve Ferrone: Batterie
  • Mark Stevens: Choeurs

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