In Walked Bud

In In Walked Bud on October 7, 2013 at 2:15 pm

ImageIn Walked Bud” is a 1947 jazz composition by Thelonious Monk. It was based on the chord progression of an earlier standard, Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies” (1927) The song was a tribute to jazz pianist Bud Powell

Monk recorded the tune several times during his career, starting with the 1947 sessions for Genius of Modern Music. The last recording by Monk is from the 1968 album Underground, with lyrics and vocals by Jon Hendricks. The song has been covered by numerous jazz artists and is considered a jazz standard.

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  1. Review: In a live recording at The Blue Note in New York City, John Carl (‘Jon’) Hendricks, the father of vocalese, is complimented by a singing team made up of wife Judith, daughters Michele and Aria, Kevin Burke and trio, and augmented by fine horn arrangements played by trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, trombonist Al Grey and saxophonists Red Holloway and Benny Golson. Hendricks maintains his remarkable knack for spontaneous invention amidst the company of stalwart sidemen, whose splendid single and mingled horn renderings are woven into Hendricks’ vocals. Much to the amusement of the audience, Hendricks’ challenges Wynton Marsalis to an amazing fast-paced scatting match on Hendricks’ original, Everybody’s Boppin’. Hendricks’ inspired vocal team enhances this live recording, together with Michele, the three vocalists stretch and stop, bleet and bop through their horn-like vocal improvisations, much in the manner of 1940s ‘cutting’ sessions. From bluesy ballads to racing bebop, Hendricks, along with his singing team, stirs up a tightly blended jazz jam of classically Hendricks-embellished popular tunes. Over the course of his career, he has worked with the jazz greats – Thelonious Monk, Dizzy Gillespie and Duke Ellington. Hendricks shows he is still on top with this superb live release.

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