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This re-creation of the wonder of a child (“Dat Dere” = “That There” – you can change all the “th”s to “d”s if you want. You can also change the genders to fit, too.) has been famously covered by Oscar Brown, Jr., Nat “Cannonball” Adderley, May Lou Williams & Rickie Lee Jones. Thanks to correspondent Mark S. for the chords. also, added easier guitar chords. Download pdf for the chords, at bottom page.

Intro vamp

Hey, mama, what’s that there? And what’s that under there?15-elephant
Hey, mama, up here! Mama – hey! – look at that over there!
And what’s that doing there? And where’re they going there?
And, mummy, can I have that big elephant over there?
Who’s that in my chair? And what’s he doing there?
And, mommy, oh, hey, mommy, can I go over there?
Hey mummy, what’s a square? And where do we get air?
And mummy can I have that big elephant over there?


My quizzical kid! She doesn’t want anything here.
Just forever demanding to know who, what, why or where!
Inquisitive child! Sometimes the questions get wild!
Like, mommy, can I have that big elephant over there?
Don’t wanna comb my hair and where’s my teddy bear?Cowboy_Boots
And, mama, hey! Look at the cowboy coming there!
And can I have a pair of boots like that to wear?
And mummy can I have that big elephant over there?

Intro vamp here

Time will march, days will go and little baby’s going to grow.
I gotta tell her what she needs to know.
I’ll help her along, so she’ll know right from wrong & she’ll be strong.
As life’s parade goes marching by, she’s gonna need to know some reasons why.
I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll try the best as I can.
We’ll make a plan. [alt.: I’ll make him a man.]  That’s right!

[back to verse chords]

‘Cause you give the kid your best and hope she passes the test
And finally send her out into the world somewhere.
And though she’s grown up, I bet I never will forget.
Mummy, can I have that big elephant over there?
Hey, why they do that there? And how you put that there?

Hey, mummy, up here! Hey, mummy, what that say up there?
Hey, mummy, what is fair? How come I have to share?
And, mummy can I have that big elephant over there? [last line 3x]

Outro repeat intro vamp & out

lyrics and chords here: DatDere lyrics

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