Stolen moments lyrics

In Lyrics, Stolen Moments on December 27, 2013 at 9:48 am

Stolen Moments (Oliver Nelson)

(Text: Edward Fisher)

If I told you I love you pretty baby
Would it make up for what they say?
If I hold you and squeeze you darlin’
Would you linger a while today?
If I hold you and hug you my dear so don’t argue
Then gossip won’t hurt you I’ll never desert you
And someday we’ll find us where people won’t bind us
To the hands of time

I can use more than moments with you baby
And I know where you steal them from
There are so many things I’ll teach you
But they call me a useless bum
They just chatter and patter and nitter and natter
They take it and twist it, until it gets bitter
But we’re here, I steered here it’s weird here those beards dear
Watch the pantomime

 Andy White, April 2008

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