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Owner Manual Fender Pro Reverb 1972

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Rare! a full copy of the 1972 Owner manual of the Fender Super Reverb and Pro Reverb amplifiers, which is  very light compaired to today’s specs books!

But just good enough to play isn’t it? Click down here:

Fender Pro reverb manual 1972

Fender Pro reverb manual 1972

If you have any other copy of older issue, drop me a mail, Thousand thanks


Gears, guitar & Amps used by Joe Pass

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Fender Jazzmaster      

Joe Pass

Joe Pass

Joe Pass used to play this guitar during his stay at theSynanon Center in California, where he tried to kick drugs. After 15 months in Synanon Joe Pass recorded Sounds of Synanon in 1961 together with Arnold Ross, another Synanon resident. During his stay Joe Pass didn’t have a guitar of his own, he used this Fender guitar that was owned by the Synanon Rehab Facility.

The Fender Jazzmaster was first introduced in 1958 and was originally marketed at jazz guitarists. The Jazzmaster wasn’t embraced by the jazz musicians however, but it became popular amongst surf rock guitarists.

Gibson ES175

This Gibson guitar, the Es175, was the main guitar of Joe Pass. He got one for his birthday from a guy named Mike Peak in 1963, who saw Joe Pass playing jazz on a solid body (the Fender Jazzmaster).



Gibson ES175

Gibson ES175


Other jazz guitarist who played the Gibson ES175: Jim Hall, Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery (in the early days), Kenny Burrell

D’Aquisto Guitars
 In 1970 Joe Pass started using a D’Aquisto guitar. The guitar was built specifically for Joe.

Other jazz guitarist who play a D’Aquisto: Jim Hall.


From 1980-90 Joe Pass was under contract with Ibanez. It is said that Joe didn’t really like the Ibanez guitar and didn’t perform on it that much. Most accounts from people in the United States from this time period have Joe playing the D’Aquisto, but many reports from other countries say Joe played the Ibanez. The speculation is that Joe played the Ibanez rather than travel internationally with his D’Aquisto.

Joe's Ibanez

Joe's Ibanez

The Ibanez Joe Pass was discontinued pretty quickly and suffers a reputation for a thin tone due to it’s pickup placement. 

Other Guitars

-Gibson L5
-Gibson Super 400 





Guitar Amplifiers

Polytone Mini Brute

Polytone Mini Brute




Polytone Mini-Brute Amp

A very compact guitar amp, 110 watts through a 12″ speaker.

Other jazz guitarists who this amplifier: Jim HallHerb EllisGeorge Benson




Fender Amps – Pro Reverb AA165 layout & serial number

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Pro Reverb AA165 (blackface) serial number by year
A00100 to A02700 – 1965
A02700 to A09200 – 1966
A07000 to A10200 – 1967

Pro Reverb AA1265, AB668, AA1069, AA270 (silverface)
A10000 to A10500 – 1967
A10500 to A12000 – 1968
A12000 to A13300 – 1969
A13400 to A14500 – 1970
A14500 to A15000 – 1971
A15000 to A15600 – 1972
A15600 to A17200 – 1973
A17200 to A19700 – 1974
A19700 to A20000 – 1975
A20000 to A21500 – 1976

from Greg Galiano

More serial numbers and productions data at 20th Century Guitar Mag

(or here:  Dating Fender Amps )

If you need to change your Tubes…You’ can find all Tube Amps Overhaul Kits at Torres Engineering

Blackface schematics:


Touchstone Tonewoods

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Guitar pieces and kits   
1. Tonewoods
2. Books, cases, strings
3. Bowhair, tools & materials
4. Violin etc. varnishes, preparations & glue
5. Violin makers’ tools
6. more Violin makers’ tools
7. Cutting & filing tools
8. Measuring tools, general clamps & preparations
9. Fret wire & fretting tools
10. Fretting tools, truss rods, supports & protectors
11. Inlays, fingerboards & purfling tools
12. Guitar makers’ supplies
13. Guitar rosettes
13a Fingerboards,tools, inlays and rosettes
14. Guitar purflings & bindings
15. Violin & viola bridges
16. Cello & bass bridges
17. Violin, viola bridges by Aubert, France
18. Cello, bass bridges by Aubert, France
19. Violin & viola pegs
20. Cello pegs, bass machines, violin & viola endpins
21. Endpins & floor protectors
22. Violin tailpieces
23. Viola, cello, bass tailpieces
24. String adjusters and tailguts
25. Soundpost setters, soundposts, fingerboards
26. Humidifiers, pickups, transducers
27. Bow components
28. Bowhair in tails and hanks, P&H bow parts
29. Classical guitar machine heads
30. Acoustic guitar machine heads
31. Electric guitar machine heads
32. Schaller machine heads
33. Schaller locking machine heads
34. Schaller bass machine heads
35. Gotoh machine heads
35a Hipshot machine heads, bridges/tailpieces
35b Artec parts, tremolo units, tailpieces & guitar kits
36. Bridges & tailpieces – acoustic
37. Schaller bridges & tailpieces
38. more Schaller bridges & tailpieces
39. Electric guitar bridges & tailpieces
40. Bridges: parts and saddles
41. Schaller tremolo units



42. Tremolo units & parts
43. Tremolo spares
44. Scratchplates & thumbrests
45. Transducers – Ashworth & Martin
46. Transducers – Schaller
47. Artec transducers
48. Acoustic pickups
49. Schaller guitar pickups
50. Schaller bass guitar pickups
51. Artec guitar pick ups
51a More Artec guitar pick ups
52. Gotoh guitar pickups
53. Pickup surrounds, screws, jack plates & sockets
54. Switches, potentiometers, back & control plates
55. Control knobs
56. Guitar necks, bodies & fretwire sets
57. Guitar neck fittings: top nuts, string clamps, guides
58. Strap locks, endpins, jack socket endpins
59. Banjo parts & accessories
60. Banjo & mandolin parts accessories & pickups
61. Banjo pegs, mandolin machine heads


Original Epiphone catalogs

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Epiphone catalog 1961

 I was really pleased to find originals of the Epiphone catalogs, firstly, the 1961 edition: epiphone61_catalog

Epiphone Casino production data

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Quantities produced


Pickups Nbr for Epiphone Casino

Production Data for the Epiphone Casino


Shipping figures for 1960s Epiphone Casinos The earliest Epiphone catalogue to feature the Casino (1961) lists just the single (E230T) and double (E230TD) pickup models – with vibrola as standard. These shipping figures suggest that non-vibrola models were shipped later in the same year. Early finishes were Royal Tan andShaded (sunburst), and figures do not differentiate between the two. From 1967Cherry became available (C), and Royal Tan was given the designation RT. From ’67 models with no colour code were Shaded


The Epiphone range of the 1960s closely followed the Gibson guitars of the same time; they were both made in the same fatory in Kalamazoo. The Casino corresponds to the Gibson ES330 having the same dimensions and construction, but with different headstock shape and (sometimes) tailpiece. The 1961 models came equipped with the Tremotone vibrato, which was optional by 1962. The Frequensator tailpiece was used on a number of models – the point being that it would lengthen either the three thickest or three thinest strings, maximising treble and bass response.

1964 advertisement for the Epiphone Casino, Sorrento, Sheraton and Rivoli bassThe most famous Casino users were Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, and John Lennon and George Harrison of the Beatles, who were given a pair of Casinos in 1965. Both had a sunburst finish, Georges had a Bigsby vibrato, whilst John’s had a stop tailpiece. It was Lennons of course that had the most use; he was widely pictured with it, and used it extensively live and in the studio. He also had it stripped down in 1968. Epiphone make two John Lennon signature Epiphone Casinos – one based on the unstripped 1965 model, and one, the ‘Revolution’ Casino based on the stripped instrument. Epiphone engineers studied the original guitar to get these signature instruments as exact as possible

Liste des guitaristes jouant sur Gibson

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It’s here, it’s a wiki

But the ES-335 is here (wiki again)

They played the Gibson ES175 or ES335 or the Epiphone

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Liste of guitar players who play the Gibson ES335, the ES175 or the Epiphone

  • Chuck Berry: ES-335 stereo
  • Larry Carlton: Gibson ES335
  • Christian Escoude: Gibson ES175 D
  • Green Freddy: Epiphone Emperor
  • Peter Green: Gibson ES335, Les Paul Standard,
  • John Lee Hooker: Epiphone ES335
  • Steve Howe: Gibson 175 t, Showburn Pedal Steel
  • Bb King: Gibson ES355 (Lucille)
  • Alvin Lee: Gibson ES335
  • Pat Metheny: Gibson ES 175
  • Wes Montgomery: Gibson ES 175
  • Joe Pass: Gibson ES175, D’Aquisto
  • Lou Reed: Gibson ES355
  • Lee Ritenour: Gibson ES335, Fender Strat
  • Otis Rush: Fender Strat, Gibson ES335
  • T-Bone Walker: Gibson ES5, ES335
  • Izzy Stradlin: Gibson ES175, Les Paul

Gibson ES-335

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Gibson ES335

Gibson ES335

Pat Martino’s Gibson

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