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List of Berklee College of Music free online courses/MOOCs

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… better to go and check directly here:

Berklee College Music MOOC

enjoy 🙂


Jazz Web site links

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from the SMOOTH JAZZ RIDE!  and from the Jazz resource

 Here are some other smooth jazz sites/links you may find informative, helpful, and/or enjoyable. This is a awesome new site to find musicians to jam with as well as gigs and other events. Covering all your smooth and contemporary jazz needs. Smooth jazz cd reviews and more. This is a great site with loads of information on basic music theory. Click on the 3 buttons on the left that say pitch, chords, and time. This is a website full of information about jazz history and jazz education. If you want to get serious about learning everything about the circle of fifths, this website is for you! This is one of the biggest jazz websites on the internet. It has loads of information regarding album reviews as well as a wonderful forum to ask all your jazz questions (but don’t be afraid to ask me first on my contact page!) This is a jazz community website This is a very handy website that has really improved my ear over the years This is a great site to listen to music for free! Basically you enter an artist you like and Pandora will create a customized station with similar artists for you to discover.

Media/Websites/Promotion Services/Publicists:

A Passion for Jazz! – Music history and education.

Beyond One Entertainment – Artist & Event Management

Café Jazz Radio (& JazzLynx) – Canada’s Smooth Jazz Connection

Coool Classic Artists Today – The Best Songs
Today…From Yesterday’s Top Artists

Dick Felix Music – Sophisticated Music For Your Special Occasion

GHP Radio – Your Independent Music Source

Jazz Quotations –The #1 Resource on the Web For
Quotes and Sayings About Jazz!

Jazz Smugglers – For jazz enthusiasts; includes The Bluffer’s Guide For
Playing Jazz

Jazz Trax

Jazzbeat — A site for self-publishers of jazz books, jazz education
jazz lessons, etc.

Jazzhouse — An official website of the Jazz Journalists Association: 
Promoting the interests of journalists covering jazz 

Jazznlight and FatJamz: Free MP3s, CDs, and MP3 Albums.
Visit the Listening Room for Smooth Jazz, Ambient, Acid Jazz,
Instrumental Pop, Instrumental Rock, Techno, New Age, Electronica…

Jazzreview* – Your complete guide to jazz music on the web

Smooth & Soul – A comprehensive smooth jazz website
in Germany, offering reviews, news, and more

Smooth Jazz & More, Internet Radio on Live365 – This is the Place!

Smooth Jazz Art – Photos by Sherry Fisher

Smooth Jazz Therapy – The very best from the world
of smooth jazz and classic soul

Smooth Jazz Spot –  An awesome network to discuss
Smooth Jazz, as well as the Smooth Jazz cruises that so
many of our members absolutely love.

Smoothjazzvibes* – The place to go if you are a fan of 
contemporary jazz or smooth jazz

SoulTracks — Tracking the Greatest Soul Music


Talking Smooth Jazz

The Indie Bible – Valuable information Source for Indie Artists

The Jazz Discography – Everything you need to know about
virtually any jazz record ever released.

The Jazz Resource – Everything from info on Best Jazz
Albums to Tutorials on ear training, etc.

The Source: Smooth Jazz and More – The Best Smooth
Jazz on the Internet

*TSJR’s Ronald Jackson is also a contributing writer/editor with these fine sites.

Tous les Arpèges

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Travailles tes arpèges, dans tous les sens, de haut en bas et de gauche à droite! Voici donc la recommendation de la semaine.

les Arpèges des gammes Majeures (partition)

et l’accompagnement mp3



en attendant, bonne semaine!

GĂ©nĂ©rateur de Gammes BIAB

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Ci joint un petit programme pour générer toutes les gammes que vous souhaitez avec BIAB, Band In A Box

Scales generator, Bon practices

Blues Improvisation

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Blues Improvisation – it’s all in the wrist – wrong!

Blues Improvisation = pentatonic scale – wrong!

Blues Improvisation = bending notes – wrong!

It’s all about the pause man… THE PAUSE!>

What pause? What this some kind of sex technique?… Well, to tell the truth. maybe.. it’s no secret blues improvisation turns people on.. is there anyone that hasn’t made love to some cool guitar solo?

And like sex, playing the blues is a contact sport.. You have to take off your robe…  get in the ring and take your chances.. Like a prize fighter, you got to know when to punch, when to duck and… when you smell blood, how to bring your solo to its climax!!! and get the hell out of there!

The master is, was and always will be B.B. King… listen to the album “Live at the Regal”, the B.B. King’s blues guitar solo throws you off balance, gets you leaning one way and then POW!!! Right in the gut man..

OK, so where does the PAUSE come in? Take a guess… Right at the start of most blues guitar licks… instead of playing a note on the beat.. you leave a rest – an eigth note or sixteenth note rest depending on the tempo…  and POW!!! You’re guitar solo’s are going to get noticed!!

It may not seem like such a big deal, but “the pause” separates the men from the boys. It make take you a long time to figure this out.. but once you do, you’re on your way…  Once again… the trick is to catch the listener’s ear with a quick note that’s more like a “pick up” than an eighth note.. or to start your blues licks with a rest instead of a note…  Just listen to all the greats BB. King, SRV, Eric Clapton, Robert Cray and Albert Collins, my main man..

Good luck and funky blues.. Johnny Mayer.

from BluesforPeace

Aebersold Booklets

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From Jamay Aebersold, very valuable booklets to summaryze: chords, scales, tips, II-V-I, Blues & Jazz progressions…. These are the courtesy of Jamay and can be directly downloaded for free at Jamey’s web site.

Click the logo here-above

Aebersold Booklets

or go to The Aebersold Site here

The Five Shapes (Major scale)

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Major scales, Five patterns for Guitar

Simple Shapes/patterns to learn and exercise major scales using the five guitar patterns
in C Major

pdf  here:  The Five Shapes

Gamme Ethiopienne

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notePour notre prochain Projet…. la Gamme Ethiopienne:

1,  2,  b3,  4,  5,  b6,  b7,

The Ethiopian scale consists of 7 different notes. Notice how that when you ascend the scale Bb, Eb, and F natural notes are played, and when you descend the scale F#, E natural, and B natural notes are played. This concept is also seen in the Melodic Minor Scale.
Formula: WS, HS, WS, WS, HS, WS, WS

ScaleEthiopianHS = half step (one fret)
WS = whole step (two frets)

This Masquerade – Solo from George Benson

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This Masquerade – Guitar Solo from  George Benson, as played by Georgie in Breezin’ is posted in the library as well as the song.

Breezin' George Benson

Breezin’ George Benson

Rythmes Bossa Nova

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3 variations de base concernant  la Bossa Nova:

Bossa Nova rythme1

BossaNova2BossaNova3Vous trouverez d’autres rythmes et les fichiers midi sur le site du groupe Batida

Fichers midi:   Bossa1 Bossa2 Bossa3