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Nica’s Dream score sheet (jdl) & scales

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Hello, here under a simple score sheet for Nica’s Dream, from Horace Silver and a midi file.

arrangement: Jacques de Lignières

Nica's Dream (jdl)
and a background made with i RealPro (midi file): Nica’s Dream (180 Bpm) AABA x 5.

Pretty sure, that you can find better one. 🙂

Now, the scales which you could use

Nica's dream scales

partition et gammes  Nica’s dream 

Horace-Scope (Nica’s Dream)

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release 1960

recorded: july 8th, 1960
label:: Blue Note BST 84042
Producer: Albert Lion
Horace-Scope is the third album by Horace Silver’s classic quintet — or most of it, actually, as drummer Louis Hayes was replaced by Roy Brooks starting with this session. The rhythmic drive and overall flavor of the group are still essentially the same, though, and Horace-Scope continues the tight, sophisticated-yet-swinging blueprint for hard bop pioneered on its two classic predecessors. The program is as appealing as ever, and even though not as many tunes caught on this time — at least not on the level of a “Juicy Lucy” or “Sister Sadie” — Silver’s writing is tuneful and tasteful. The best-known selections are probably the lovely closing number “Nica’s Dream,” which had been around for several years but hadn’t yet been recorded on a Silver LP, and the genial, laid-back opener “Strollin’.” But really, every selection is full of soulful grooves and well-honed group interplay, the qualities that made this band perhaps the top hard bop outfit of the early ’60s. Silver was in the midst of a hot streak that wouldn’t let up for another few years, and Horace-Scope is another eminently satisfying effort from that period.

Track listing

All compositions by Horace Silver except as indicated
  1. “Strollin'” – 4:59
  2. “Where You At?” – 5:37
  3. “Without You” (Don Newey) – 4:50
  4. “Horace-Scope” – 4:43
  5. “Yeah!” – 6:28
  6. “Me and My Baby” – 5:58
  7. Nica’s Dream” – 6:48
Recorded July 8 (tracks 1-3) & July 9 (tracks 4-7), 1960.


  • Horace Silver – piano
  • Blue Mitchell – trumpet
  • Junior Cook – tenor saxophone
  • Gene Taylor – bass
  • Roy Brooks – drums