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Funk in a deep freeze – Art Farmer solo transcription for guitar

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A nice work & video from lilworks



and the transcription here: Funk-In-Deep-Freeze-Art-Farmer-Solo (Guitar transcription)

Road Song Octave playing and soloing scales” / Jazz Guitar lesson

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Black Nile

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nightdreamerNight Dreamer is the fourth album by American jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter. It was released in November 1964 by Blue Note Records With a quintet that includes trumpeter Lee Morgan, pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Reggie Workman and drummer Elvin Jones, Shorter performed six of his originals on this April 29 session.

In 2005, it was reissued as part of the RVG Edition series with liner notes by Nat Hentoff

Concept and compositions

At this point of his career, Shorter felt his writing was changing. While the previous compositions had a “lot of detail”, this new approach had a simplistic quality to it. “I used to use a lot of chord changes, for instance, but now I can separate the wheat from the chaff.”

In an interview with Nat Hentoff, Shorter focused on the album’s meaning: “What I’m trying to express here is a sense of judgment approaching – judgment for everything alive from the smallest ant to man. I know that the accepted meaning of “Armageddon” is the last battle between good and evil – whatever it is. But my definition of the judgment to come is a period of total enlightenment in which we will discover what we are and why we’re here.”

“Night Dreamer” has mostly a minor feel, often perceived by Shorter as “evening or night”, hence the “Night” in the title. It is a 3/4 “floating” piece, yet, “although the beat does float, it also is set in a heavy groove. It’s a paradox, in a way, like you’d have in a dream”. This explains the “Dreamer” part. Shorter first heard “Oriental Folk Song” as the theme for a commercial, then he discovered it was an old Chinese song. He meant “Virgo” (Shorter’s sign) to be “optimistic”, whilst in “Black Nile” he tried to get a flowing feeling, like a “depiction of a river route.” “Charcoal Blues” should represent a sort of backtracking piece, linking the past and the present time together: “The old blues and funk were good for their times and place, but what I’m trying to do now is to get the meat out of the old blues while also presaging the different kind of blues to come. […] I’m both looking back at the good things in those older blues and also laughing at that part of my background”. Shorter underlines that the laughter is not mocking but satirical, “from the inside”. Ultimately, “Armageddon” was considered by Shorter as the focal point of the album.

Track listing

All compositions by Wayne Shorter

  1. “Night Dreamer” – 7:18
  2. “Oriental Folk Song” – 6:54
  3. “Virgo” – 7:09
  4. Black Nile” – 6:29
  5. “Charcoal Blues” – 6:54
  6. “Armageddon” – 6:22
  7. “Virgo” [Alternate Take] – 7:03 Bonus track on CD reissue


  • Wayne Shorter– tenor saxophone
  • Lee Morgan– trumpet
  • McCoy Tyner– piano
  • Reggie Workman– bass
  • Elvin Jones– drums

Additional personnel

  • Alfred Lion– original recording producer
  • Rudy Van Gelder– recording engineer
  • Michael Cuscuna– reissue producer
  • Francis Wolff– cover photograph


Recorda Me

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pageoneRecorda Me” (Remember Me) is a jazz standard by the saxophonist Joe Henderson. It was introduced on Henderson’s debut album Page One, in 1963. This album also featured the first recording of the jazz standard “Blue Bossa”, written by trumpeter Kenny Dorham


The saxophonist wrote the composition at the age of 15 in a Latin style, but later modified it with a bossa nova rhythm. It was recorded by Henderson on subsequent albums, including an uptempo version named “No Me Esqueca” (Do Not Forget Me) on In Pursuit of Blackness and an arrangement named “Recuérdame” (Spanish) on the Big Band album.

He recorded live versions on Joe Henderson Quintet at the Lighthouse and in the 1985 film and recording One Night with Blue Note with Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams. The composition is used widely in jazz education programs and jazz songbook compilations.

Chord changes for “Recorda Me”:

‖: A–6   | A–6   | A–6   | A–6   |

‖  C–6   | C–6   | C–6   | C–6  F7  ‖

‖  B♭maj7   | B♭–7  E♭7  | A♭maj7   | A♭-7  D♭7  |

| G♭maj7   | G-7  C7  | Fmaj7   E7♭9| E7♭9   :‖

Other versions

“Recorda Me” has been covered by many other musicians including:

  • Steps Aheadon Smokin’ in the Pit (1980)
  • McCoy Tyneron New York Reunion (1991)
  • Art Farmeron Soul Eyes (1991)
  • Greg Osbyon New Directions (1991)
  • Renee Rosneson Black Narcissus: A Tribute to Joe Henderson (2008)
  • Chick Coreaon Trilogy (2013)
  • Conrad Herwigon The Latin Side of Joe Henderson (2014) – nomination at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards

Funk in Deep Freeze

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from the Hank Mobley Quintet album funk-deep-freeze

Hank Mobley Quintet is an album by jazz saxophonist Hank Mobley released on the Blue Note label in 1957 as BLP 1550. It was recorded on March 8, 1957 and features Mobley, Art Farmer, Doug Watkins, Horace Silver, and Art Blakey. It was remastered in 2008 by Rudy Van Gelder.

The Allmusic review by Steve Leggett awarded the album 4.5 stars, stating: “Mobley might not have been out there pushing the envelope with his instrument, but here he plays with confidence and lyrical economy, making this easily one of his best outings.”

Track listing All compositions by Hank Mobley
  1. Funk in Deep Freeze” – 6:50
  2. “Wham and They’re Off” – 7:42
  3. “Fin de l’affaire” – 6:39
  4. “Startin’ from Scratch” – 6:43
  5. “Stella-Wise” – 7:18
  6. “Base on Balls” – 7:33
Only available on CD edition:
  1. “Funk in Deep Freeze” (Alternate Take) – 6:57
  2. “Wham and They’re Off” (Alternate Take) – 7:37
  • Hank Mobley – tenor saxophone
  • Art Farmer – trumpet
  • Horace Silver – piano
  • Doug Watkins – bass
  • Art Blakey – drums

So What (Ronny Jordan Solo)

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The complete music sheet and solo here:

So What Solo Complet (Ronny Jordan),

and more in the library section

Grilles: Pick up the pieces, Stolen moments, Summer Samba, Song for my father, Take Five, Night in Tunisia

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Quelques grilles:

Pick up the pieces, Stolen moments, Summer Samba


Song for my father, Take Five, Night in Tunisia


Little SunFlower ( Freddie Hubbard) / Backlash

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Originaly released in Backlash, this composition of Freddie Hubbard has been played by many others artists.backlash

Freddie Hubbard updated with the aid of Al Jarreau’s lyrics and vocals. Composed in mostly minor keys, the song is perfect for lazy listening, introspection, or meditating.

the part here; Little Sunflower



Backlash is a 1966/1967 album by trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, his first released on the Atlantic label. It features performances by Hubbard, James Spaulding, Albert Dailey, Bob Cunningham, Otis Ray Appleton and Ray Barretto. This is Hubbard’s twelfth overall album.


All compositions by Freddie Hubbard except as indicated

  1. “Backlash” (Don Pickett) – 4:15
  2. “The Return of the Prodigal Son” (Ousley) – 5:42
  3. Little Sunflower” – 7:55
  4. “On the Que-Tee” – 5:47
  5. “Up Jumped Spring” – 6:43
  6. “Echoes of Blue” (Cunningham) – 9:44


  • Freddie Hubbard – trumpet, flugelhorn
  • James Spaulding – alto saxophone, flute
  • Albert Dailey – piano
  • Bob Cunningham – bass
  • Ray Appleton – drums

Nica’s Dream score sheet (jdl) & scales

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Hello, here under a simple score sheet for Nica’s Dream, from Horace Silver and a midi file.

arrangement: Jacques de Lignières

Nica's Dream (jdl)
and a background made with i RealPro (midi file): Nica’s Dream (180 Bpm) AABA x 5.

Pretty sure, that you can find better one. 🙂

Now, the scales which you could use

Nica's dream scales

partition et gammes  Nica’s dream 

Pick the pieces (nice tutorial)

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for guitarist, of course

Pickup the  pieces chords