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pageoneRecorda Me” (Remember Me) is a jazz standard by the saxophonist Joe Henderson. It was introduced on Henderson’s debut album Page One, in 1963. This album also featured the first recording of the jazz standard “Blue Bossa”, written by trumpeter Kenny Dorham


The saxophonist wrote the composition at the age of 15 in a Latin style, but later modified it with a bossa nova rhythm. It was recorded by Henderson on subsequent albums, including an uptempo version named “No Me Esqueca” (Do Not Forget Me) on In Pursuit of Blackness and an arrangement named “Recuérdame” (Spanish) on the Big Band album.

He recorded live versions on Joe Henderson Quintet at the Lighthouse and in the 1985 film and recording One Night with Blue Note with Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams. The composition is used widely in jazz education programs and jazz songbook compilations.

Chord changes for “Recorda Me”:

‖: A–6   | A–6   | A–6   | A–6   |

‖  C–6   | C–6   | C–6   | C–6  F7  ‖

‖  B♭maj7   | B♭–7  E♭7  | A♭maj7   | A♭-7  D♭7  |

| G♭maj7   | G-7  C7  | Fmaj7   E7♭9| E7♭9   :‖

Other versions

“Recorda Me” has been covered by many other musicians including:

  • Steps Aheadon Smokin’ in the Pit (1980)
  • McCoy Tyneron New York Reunion (1991)
  • Art Farmeron Soul Eyes (1991)
  • Greg Osbyon New Directions (1991)
  • Renee Rosneson Black Narcissus: A Tribute to Joe Henderson (2008)
  • Chick Coreaon Trilogy (2013)
  • Conrad Herwigon The Latin Side of Joe Henderson (2014) – nomination at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards

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